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Mondy Pierre AUGUSTE

Mondy Art Expo

Mondy Pierre AUGUSTE

Who is Mondy Pierre AUGUSTE?

Mondy Pierre Auguste born in Port-au-Prince, Pétion-ville on July 8. CEO of Mondy Art Expo, Mondy Craft and President of OPHANIP ( Organisation des Personnes Handicapées des Nippes).

He is calm and serious and very observant. He is one of the most dramatic and shocking genius in Haiti's history of art. It is often noticed because it has a style of its own. He uses knives or brushes as he likes because he measures them perfectly. 

Painter, Business Manager, English teacher, interpreter and photographer; he succeeds in printing all these ideas and expressions in the same character of inspiration and even stylistic cachet, by submitting them without apparent effort to his intensely plastic vision, or else he defines different "techniques of painting" explains and says "the fuzzy colors and the cool line drawing scribbly FMV 'his' Project of Paint' they run masterfully immersed in 'figurative and non-figurative painting' .He amused himself to paint such varied subjects as the Academy, the allegory, the caricature, the interior, the navy, the still life, the nude, the panorama, the landscape, the portrait, the undergrowth, the view, and the Iconography.

He follows and studies Cubism, Dadaism, Expressionism, futurism, impressionism and naive Haitian.

More about the Artist:

Starting since his youngest age (6 years old). He observed with great intelligence his father Jean Pierre Auguste worked at his painting studio and quickly started painted on cardboards.

Then he knew many other painters ( Father's friends) and draw ideas that he deemed useful and necessary to assert his own style of painting. He rubbed shoulders with Les Promotions Yvon Pointu S.A and became a member in 2004, and The Rainbow Art Gallery and Workshop of the late Mrs. Carmel Délatour. Beyond the born artist He is, acquiring the notions of anatomy, colors, and drawing.

He also has been trained in Business Management at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of INEP, an English Course at American Language Laboratory. Intense Training Seminars in The Principle of the Unification / Coach of Teaching of the Principle of Peace and Conflict and Resolution with The Federation Interreligious and International for Peace in the World and became an Ambassador of Peace.

Training in Social Psychology with the Haitian Federation of Associations and Institutions of People with Disabilities in Haiti (FHAIPH). Mondy Art Expo is his workshop trade name. Mondy Art Expo and its Workshops aim to promote the expansion of artistic painting training and Haitian crafts in all projects and organizations working in the social sector. In collaboration with the best professionals of the ten departments of his country Haiti.

Mondy Art Expo and its Workshops provide ongoing training and seminars to people eager for additional technical and administrative knowledge, to enhance their performance, enhance their creativity so that their best to be too often delighted, be fully insured.

Founded in 2013 OPHANIP (Organization of Disabled Persons of Nippes/ Organisation des Personnes Handcapées des Nippes) recognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor at No. STC-23555 in November 2014. Currently, he heads of Painting workshops for women of Miragoȃne / FONKOZE project, Consultant and Marketing Manager in La Perles des Arts Gallery and Head of Psycho-social in FHAIPH funded by Project-Hope / USAID. In addition, he was a Logistics Manager for a local organization “AFAP” funded by Fondation de France / Fil Culture and Fika (Executive site in Paillant / Miragoȃne). Project Director at the Child Development Center of Paillant / Project-HA 838 / Compassion International-Haiti. Member of the Art Center in Port-au-Prince in 2015, Art curator, Consultant at Galria since 2014 and Former Dean of Art at University Russell-Kant / 2014.

His paintings are exhibited in Belgium by the Director Françoise COUTEAU / CAP FUTUR ASBL B 0453 685 430 website: / and Member of CAP FUTUR in 2014 In most Art Gallery In Haiti Helping Hands Gallery / P.O, Box 610- Madisonville, LA 70047 / Contact: Galria / Port-au-Prince Haiti – www. , Z-Gallery g/ 391 Dudley St, Boston 02119 - / From Here to Haiti by Director Patricia Brintle, 14-46 Utopia Parkway, Whitestone NY 11357. Member of From here to Haiti since 2014.

Member of St. Tammany Art Association 320 N Columbia St, Covington, LA 70433 (2019).

Main Art Exhibition

2019 - Art Exhibition at Southold Historical Society/ NY

2019 - Art Exhibition at Lanham, Louise St Maryland 20706 

2019 - Art Exhibition at Peconic Rec Center Annex / 1170 Peconic, NY

2019 - Art Exhibition at Helping Hands Gallery/ Covington LA 7043

2019 - Art Exhibition at the American Embassy Haiti

2019 - Art Exhibition at  Heritage Bank / Covington LA 70433  205 N Columbia ST

2018 - Art Exhibition "Spring for Art" Historical Downtown of Covington/ Louisiana

2018 - Solo Art Exhibition / Executive Villas Haiti 

2018 - Art Exhibition at Haitian Artist Assembly of  Massachusetts/ Boston

2018 - Art Exhibition at 6505 Louise St, Lanham Maryland

2018 - Art Exhibition at the American Embassy Haiti

2018 - Art Exhibition at  Ministere du Commerce et de L'Industrie, Haiti

2018 - Art Exhibition at Artisanat en Fete/ Haiti

2018 - Art Exhibition at Z-Gallery / 319 Dudley St, Roxbury Boston

2018 - Art Exhibition at Lindenhurst NY 11757/ Winchester Drive

2018 - Art Exhibition at Queens Village, NY 1149

2018 - Art Exhibition at UJAMAA, Z-Gallery / The Rose Kennedy Greenway Boston

2018 - Art Exhibition at Arlington/ Virginia

2018 - Art Exhibition at Hyattsville / Maryland

2018 - Art Exhibition at Villa Moira/ Petion-Ville Haiti 

2018 -  Art Fundraising at From Here to Haiti / 14-46 Utopia Parkway NY

2018 - Art Exhibition at the Marriott Hotel in Haiti

2017 - Art Exhibition at Nid'Expo / Belvil Haiti

2017 - Art Exhibition at the American Embassy Haiti

2017 - Art Exhibition at UNICEF / Haiti

2017 - Art Exhibition at Villa Moira, Haiti

2017 - Art Exhibition at Forum Expo/ Coin des Entrepreneurs, Hotel Montana Haiti

2017 - Art Exhibition at Karibe Hotel/ Business Process Outsourcing. Haiti

2017 - Art Exhibition at Bazar de Noel/ Mikaline Kindergarten. Bois Verna Haiti

2016 - Art Exhibition at Hotel Karibe Haiti 

2016 - Art Exhibition at Marriott Hotel in Haiti 

2016 - Art Exhibition at Jet Set / Rue Gregoire Petion-Ville Haiti 

2016 - Art Exhibition at Presse Cafe/ Petion-Ville Haiti

2016 - Art Exhibition at the American Embassy Haiti

2016 - Art Exhibition at Kingdom Hotel / Tabarre 36 Haiti

2016 - Art Exhibition at Kreyativ Expo / Rue Charvanne, Petion-Ville

2015 - Art Exhibition at Carifesta XII / Port-au-Prince Haiti

2015 - Art Exhibition at Oasis Hotel/ Petion-Ville Haiti

2015 - Art Exhibition at MINUSTAH Log Base/ Haiti

2000 - Art Exhibition at Percepciones, Prinardi Gallery Hate Rey/ Puerto Rico

1998 - Art Exhibition at CARICOM, Santo Domingo

2009 - Art Exhibition at Fraternidad Caribena en Fiesta de Colores/ Santo Domingo

2007 - Art Exhibition at Rainbow Art Display / Bourdon Haiti






Art Entrepreneur at. Haiti Tech Summit 2019 / USA HAITI

Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts/ Boston

Heritage Bank of St Tammany/ Louisiana

US Embassy Haiti

Z- Gallery/ Boston

Helping Hands Gallery/ Louisiana

From Here to Haiti/ New York